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In-Service Robotic Cleaning

Why Use DFC Industrial

DFC Online Robotic Cleaning - allows you to safely clean your tank  or basin floor while it remains in-service.  This allows your unit or facility to keep working at full capacity.  As with any other piece of equipment in your facility your tank and cooling tower are more efficient when they are clean.


Did you know?  For every inch of sediment in a 60ft diameter tank you lose out on 1,763 gallons of product.

Ways Customers Are Using Us

  • ​In-Service  Cleaning  - allows you to safely clean your tank floor while it remains fully operational.  This allows your unit and facility to keep working at full capacity. 


  • Pre-Outage Cleaning -  By removing the sediments prior to the project you save on the total cost of cleaning, and reduce the project duration by allowing your crew to enter the tank sooner.



  • Cooling Tower Basin Cleaning - Removing the sediment and debris from your Cooling Tower allows your equipment to run at full capacity and reduces maintenance cost on the equipment downstream. 

Where they are using us-

  • Fire and Waste Water Tanks

  • Fuel Tanks

  • Cooling Tower Basins

  • Storm Basins

  • Anywhere they want to avoid manual entry.

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