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In-Service Robotic Inspection & Cleaning

DFC Industrial in action



Why Customers Are Using Us

  • ​Cost Savings - Cost Savings – By not having to take the tank offline, drain and clean it, we were able to save one of our customers almost $2 million dollars by having us complete their API Inspection In-Service.


  • Save Time -   Our Customers are looking to save time almost as much as money. Our average project duration is only 3-5 days.  With much less planning since the equipment isn't interrupted



  • Reducing Discovery -  Discovery work can be a huge problem and destroy your budget. We are able to clean the equipment prior to the project, and provide detailed information that will allow you to plan and budget the project more accurately.

Where They are Using Us-

  • Fire and Waste Water Tanks

  • Fuel Tanks

  • Cooling Tower Basins

  • Storm Basins

  • Anywhere they want to avoid manual entry.

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